Yearly Archives: 2012

The Killer Within

Wednesday, February 15 – 7:30pm
Director: Macky Alston

Post-screening discussion with Dr. Roy O’Shaughnessy

Dr. Bob Bechtel, a seemingly ordinary man in his early seventies‚
is a devoted husband and father and a respected psychology professor.
But Bechtel has a terrible secret. One night in 1955, while attending
college, Bechtel shot and killed a fellow student.

A Song for Martin (En sång för Martin)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 – 7:30pm
Director: Bille August

Cast: Sven Wollter, Viveka Seldahl, Reine Brynolfsson, Linda Källgren, Lisa Werlinder

A Song for Martin tells the story of two people late in
life who find sudden, delirious love, and then lose it in one of the
most painful ways possible — to Alzheimer’s disease. Barbara (Viveka
Seldahl), a concert violinist, and Martin (Sven Wollter), a world-famous
conductor and composer, meet for the first time when both are
middle-aged and married to others. They fall profoundly in love and soon
divorce their spouses, marry, and settle down to a joyful shared life
and musical partnership. The signs of Martin’s Alzheimer’s disease are
at first isolated, but their progression is relentless.