Relational Problems

It’s Not Me, I Swear! (C’est pas moi, je le jure!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 – 7:30pm
Canada 2008. Director: Philippe Falardeau
Cast: Antoine L’Écuyer, Suzanne Clément, Daniel Brière, Catherine Faucher, Gabriel Maillé
Post-screening discussion with Dr. Myles Blank

This fresh, fast-paced seriocomic gem is set in the summer of 1968 in suburban Montreal, where 10-year-old hellion Léon (newcomer Antoine L’Écuyer) embarks on a spree of destructive and self-destructive behaviour as his parents’ marriage crumbles.

Family Life (also known as “Wednesday’s Child”)

Thursday, October 17, 2002 – 7:30pm
Great Britain 1971. Director: Ken Loach
Post-screening discussion with Dr. Derryck Smith
Co-sponsored by f.o.r.c.e. Society For Kids’ Mental Health

A landmark film within the British realist cinematic tradition from Ken Loach (“Riff-Raff ”, “Raining Stones”, “Ladybird, Ladybird,” “Land and Freedom”), the celebrated director best known for the socially conscious humanity that permeates his work. “Family Life” is a politically charged and emotionally affecting drama (written by David Mercer, based on his play, “In Two Minds”) about Janice (Sandy Ratcliffe), an emotionally fragile teenage girl who finds herself at the centre of a raging battle of wills between her strict and unsympathetic parents and the indifferent state medical system charged with treating her.