brain injuries

Knife in the Head (Messer Im Kopf)

Thurday, February 17, 2005 – 7:30 pm
West Germany 1978. Director: Reinhard Hauff
Post-screening discussion with Dr. Robert Stowe
Co-sponsored by the UBC Dept of Psychiatry Neuropsychiatry Program and the Lower Mainland Brain Injury Association

A disturbing and suspenseful film, “Knife in the Head” examines the
catastrophic effects on one man of being caught in the wrong place at
the wrong time. Dr. Berthold Hoffman (Bruno Ganz) is a leading
biogeneticist, married to his work and disinterested in politics. One
night he goes to meet his estranged wife at the youth centre where she

Post Concussion

Wednesday, November 20, 2003 – 7:30pm
USA 1999. Director: Daniel Yoon
Post-screening discussion with Daniel Yoon

Post Concussion is the story of a young San Francisco management consultant named Matthew Kang whose life changes dramatically following a motor vehicle accident. Matt (played by Daniel Yoon) gets hits by a car.